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Suggestions for Dealing with Stress

American workers are more stressed out than ever.  The American Psychological Association's "2008 Stress in America" poll findings aren't surprising -- the economic downturn is taking a physical and mental toll.  Half of Americans surveyed say they are increasingly stressed about their ability to provide for their family's basic needs.  Fifty-three percent report fatigue, 60 percent report feelings of irritability or anger, and 52 percent report difficulty sleeping as a result of stress.

All this stress obviously affects American workplaces, particularly morale and productivity.  Short fuses dramatically increase the potential for problematic or dysfunctional behaviors that affect everyone from upper management and co-workers to customers.

Managing stress is vital to overall workplace and employee health.  Here are some suggestions for what you can do to cope better:

Your breath is always with you, so deep breathing is a technique you can always count on.

Other strategies like meditation or listening to relaxing music can help "ground" you.

If saying no is a problem for you, get some coaching help. Trying to do it all is a never-ending hamster wheel.

Written by Maureen Moriarty, a professional accredited executive coach, organizational development consultant and leadership development corporate trainer.  She is the founder of Pathways to Change and offers leadership development courses and coaching to local companies and individuals.