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When you have insurance, why pay out of pocket?

Most Americans today who have major medical insurance coverage also have mental health benefits.  Less than ten percent actually use them.  When you utilize your mental health benefits your mental health provider must give you a psychiatric diagnosis in order to be reimbursed.  Like it or not, the term"mentally ill" includes a brief bout of depression associated with a temporary adjustment to a death or divorce.  It includes stress and anxiety resulting from events that are out of our control like hurricanes, earthquakes, and terrorist attacks.  Insurance requires that psychiatric diagnoses be used to describe normal reactions to either normal or abnormal events.  Consequently, we are technically viewed as having a mental illness.  No wonder ninety percent of Americans don't use their mental health benefits.

Some of this ninety percent are becoming increasingly more comfortable openly seeking psychological information if they don't have to be labeled as mentally ill. Choosing to pay out of pocket allows you to utilize the services of a mental health professional in the way you probably want to ... to sort out issues, problem solve, change behaviors, explore your feelings, to set and meet goals.  Paying out of pocket allows you to satisfy the very normal and healthy desire to explore your beliefs, thoughts, actions, hopes and dreams without being labeled mentally ill.

Paying out-of-pocket also allows you to choose the professional of your choice.  You are not limited to whoever happens to be on your provider list and has an opening at the time.  Because you are not filing for reimbursement from your insurance carrier your information is totally confidential.  Your personal life does not end up on the great super highway that goes to who knows where.  Lastly, rather than a case manager who doesn't know you from a hole in the ground, you and your counselor together determine the goals, the methods that work best for you in achieving those goals and how long you want to work toward achieving them.

I operate a private pay practice because I want to be responsible for the success of my business without the interference of insurance companies.  Also, my professional ethics collide with the requirements of the insurance industry and I chose to break away to maintain my sense of integrity about my profession.

A private pay practice allows me to serve you and maintain my high standards of professional and personal excellence.  Paying out of pocket allows you to be responsible for your own growth.  It's a win-win situation for both of us.