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Nightsong CD Cover

Nightsong CD

Promotes sleep using guided imagery and relaxing music


Also available, "Sweet Dreams" booklet

EZwalk Cover

EZwalk download

Audio and companion booklet puts activity into your day with easy to follow program

Evercalm logo

The next four recordings are from Patty's EverCalm™ series. EverCalm™ recordings are listening experiences to calm and relax the body, mind, and spirit. Patty's soothing voice guides you through a wonderful relaxation experience that will stay with you for moments, hours, and days.  


Silly Little Story cover

A Silly little Story

Calmness and relaxation for young children

Just Be cover

Just Be

Calmness and relaxation for adults and older children

Silly Little Story cover

Labor of Love

For women during pregnancy and childbirth

Fertile Beginning

Fertile Beginning

For women trying to conceive