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Parenting classes & groups

By Scott Pilcher, LLC; 719-636-0022
  • Parenting teens classes
  • Opportunity groups for parents

Movement & art-based opportunities for individuals and groups

By Jenny Finn of Soma, Ltd.; 719-291-3120
  • Pathways to wholeness - Reclaiming our creative selves through movement, art, and writing.  For women.
  • Moving into the divine - Deepening into the rhythm of life through movement.   For men and women.
  • The circle - A gathering of women, ages 12 & above, creating community through dance, art, movement, and writing.

Communication skills for couples

By Kathe and David Skinner of Being Heard; 719-598-6232
  • Couple Communication - Educational program that teaches "practical communication skills to produce, protect, and sustain a vital partnership."

Useful links

Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Aging

Alzheimer's Association - USA
Alzheimer's Association - Colorado

Grief and Loss

Willowgreen has books and audio resources on grieving, aging, and caregiving

Weight management

Join NutriMirror for free and track your calorie intake, log the caloric value of your exercise and enter your own recipes to determine nutritional and caloric values.


Rhythmic Medicine: Music therapist Janalea Hoffman's music serves as a backdrop to EverCalm™ recordings.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America: Excellent site for general information and self tests.

Authentic Happiness; Signature Strengths Inventory and positive psychology questionnaires

The Bipolar Child; sign up for their Bipolar Child Newsletter

The Mood Gym has a self-help cognitive behavioral program for depression