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Those with chronic illness, chronic pain, depression, dementia, those who are recovering from surgery and those who are dying all require caregiving.  The average caregiver is a 46 year-old woman who is married, has a family and works outside the home earning $35,000.  To be fair, the number of males who take on a take on a caregiving role is increasing rapidly and some fathers, sons and husbands are choosing the caregiver role rather than being forced into it.  Eighty percent of care in our nation is provided by family and friends to the tune of 12-40 hours per week.  These people often quit their jobs eventually and pass up promotions to fulfill caregiving responsibilities. 

Caregiving stress is common and normal though few caregivers admit to it. Caregiver burnout happens to family caregivers as well as professionals such as doctors, nurses, home health care aides and others who earn their living as caregivers.

What do caregivers say is their greatest need? Emotional support.  Caregiving is usually time intensive and often isolating leading to increased risk for depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease diabetes and infectious diseases. Physicians are starting to routinely screen for caregiver burnout and refer patients to counselors for caregiver support.

Let Patty Lee be your compassionate listener and caregiver as you fulfill your caregiving role.