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EverCalm™ CDs by Patty Lee


Just Be: Calmness and relaxation for adults and older children

Just Be CD Cover




Just Be is a listening experience to calm and relax the body, mind, and spirit.  Patty Lee's soothing voice guides you through a 30 minute progressive relaxation experience that includes calming, peaceful, and relaxing mental imagery.  You are guided to a state of inner calm, healing, and love.  Healing and nurturing instrumental music by Janalea Hoffman provides a soothing backdrop for a complete 75 minute listening experience.

Appropriate for adults and older children.           


A Silly Little Story: Calmness and relaxation for young children

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"Did you know that donkeys snoodle and rabbits kebookie?"  So begins A Silly Little Story that is sure to delight and calm even the most active and upset preschool and young elementary children.  The seven-minute story is followed by over an hour of additional continuous music to extend the relaxing time.   Because what is good for the child is good for the caregiver, this recording is a treat for adults, too! 

This CD is perfect for bedtime at home, naptime at preschools, chill times in the classroom, and for soothing upset children in schools, medical settings, and dental offices.


Fertile Beginning: For women trying to conceive

Fertle Beginning CD Cover
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A listening experience to calm and relax the body, mind, and spirit,  Fertile Beginning is for women trying to conceive.  Suggestions for fertility, growth and healing abound in this loving recording, making it excellent for those with fertility problems or who are using in vitro fertilization.

The listener will be uplifted and relaxed by metaphors of fertile thoughts, fertile mind, and a fertile body.  Popular with reproduction clinics, it also makes a memorable gift for those special wives, sisters, daughters and friends who are embarking on the journey of conceiving a new life.


Labor of Love: For women during pregnancy and childbirth

Labor of Love CD Cover



With one of the richest narrations in the EverCalm™ line of relaxing listening experiences, Labor of Love is carefully crafted with loving words, thoughts, and intention for women during pregnancy and childbirth.  The listener will relax to nurturing music as they hear suggestions for confidence, calmness, focus, and rapid healing before, during, and after childbirth.

Most women begin listening to this recording occasionally during the last trimester and increase their listening frequency as the birth day draws near.  A must for the hospital, it is the ultimate gift for an expectant mother, whether from parents, the father-to-be, a special friend, or a caring doctor.


And for anyone with Insomnia:

Insomnia package -- Includes Sweet Dreams booklet and Nightsong CD