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FAQs About Online Counseling and Telemental Health

What is online counseling?

Online counseling or telemental health refers to the use of technology to deliver counseling services. What we now refer to as a "landline" has been utilized for years in both the mental health and medical world. The emergence of new technologies like the mobile phone, internet, email, videochat, videoconferencing, online chat and texting have led to the creation of new ways for therapist and client to interact. Recently dubbed "telemental health", this new way of interacting opens the door to effective and more convenient ways for client and counselor to work together.

Is telemental health effective?

Research studies have demonstrated for decades that counseling services provided via telephone are equivalent on measures including client satisfaction, outcome and drop-out rate to counseling services provided in-person for a variety of clinical populations (Bischoff, 2004; Gater, 2005; Folen, 2001; Marineau, 2007; Witmans, 2008).

Does online counseling work for everyone?
What are my choices for type of online, telemental health session?

Your choices include phone sessions, chat, email or videochat.  You choose the type of session you want when you schedule your appointment using the online scheduler.  Remember that our first visit must be in person, usually at my office.

Always plan to be in a quiet and private space where you will be uninterrupted no matter which type of appointment you schedule. Barking dogs, doorbells , crying children or other phones ringing interrupt the flow of the session and decreases effectiveness.