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When someone you love dies or you lose something important, you grieve.  Your grief may consume you and change your life for a while.  Or perhaps you find that you wait a while before dealing with loss, perhaps because life circumstances dictate that you must, or perhaps because you deny the loss for a while.  There is no right or wrong way of coping with grief regardless of what you may hear from well meaning people who tell you otherwise.

Bereavement counseling, sometimes called grief counseling, is the process of building a trusting relationship with someone who understands loss and who understands that grieving takes as long as it takes.  This person can be a professional listener or your next door neighbor, but they share the same qualities: listening, acceptance, patience and presence.

"Remember: grief can be good for you.  Grieving is a natural way of helping you come to accept that someone you love is gone and will not return. Grieving is a natural way to let go of life as you once knew it, so you can hold on to what will never leave you and what you will always know."
- James E. Miller, Winter Grief, Summer Grace

Patricia Lee is a licensed professional counselor in Colorado Springs with over 25 years experience.  She is well acquainted with loss personally and professionally.  She is the consummate listener, fully present for you.  If you wish, she will guide you to appropriate grief support groups.