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Insomnia stops you from putting off an important decision until you sleep on it. Insomnia not only robs you of rest but leaves you feeling fatigued for a good part of the day and makes you doubt your ability to make good decisions.  Chronic anxiety often leads to depression, worry and anxiety and causes you to just feel generally unwell.

These facts about sleep may open your not-so-sleepy eyes:

In my Colorado Springs office, people often seek out counseling for their sleep problem after they've been prescribed a sleep aid by their doctor and decide they would rather not risk becoming dependent on prescription medicine to help them sleep. What does this kind of insomnia treatment look like?

Through counseling you identify sources of worry, anxiety and stress that may interfere with a good night's sleep and begin changing your response to those situations. You will gradually begin falling asleep more easily, sleeping throughout the night and feeling rested in morning. To top it all off those around you will feel happier because you're happier.