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Why Paperless? Why online?

Technology is changing the nature of counseling and over the past two years I stood on the sidelines and watched the rise of online counseling (or telemental health as it is now called) with both intrigue and skepticism. Once I began receiving calls from potential clients asking if I would do phone sessions or talk with them online I knew I had to get serious about my research and decision. After 20 hours (and still counting) of training in online therapy for mental health professionals, I know and believe in the value of using technology to enhance my work with clients. Phone sessions, chat, email and videochat are all accepted and proven strategies to work with many common counseling issues.

So why paperless? My office used to be located on Chuckwagon Drive and was nearly burned in the Waldo Canyon Fire. The building sustained minimal exterior damage but it was a huge wake up call when I realized how near I came to losing it all, including paper records and files from many years of clients. I immediately determined I had to invest in technology that would keep my records (and your information) secure.

Not to sound clich� but technology has changed the way I do business ... for the better.  My clients like registering and scheduling their own appointments online. They like being able to send me emails and know they are secure and can't be intercepted. They appreciate having a safe place to journal their thoughts and take notes about counseling sessions. This new way of doing business is win-win for both of us.

I'm still old fashioned enough that I favor face to face counseling sessions in my office. It's really nice for both of us, though, when a blizzard hits and we can still have our session online by videochat or when we can schedule a session by phone when one of us is on vacation or sick.  And the advantages of paperless are obvious.

I'm proud of these new additions to my services and hope you appreciate them too.

Patty Lee, January 2013